Procedures paid for by patients

Procedures paid for by insurance company
(requisition required)

1. Specialized and administrative tasks

Initial examination interview /person 550 CZK
Interview as part of the control examination /person 275 CZK
Personal or phone consultation of laboratory results as part of our examination /person 220 CZK
Sending results by mail (Czechia) 55 CZK
Sending results by registered mail (Czechia) 110 CZK
Sending results by registered mail (Slovakia) 165 CZK
Cancellation less than 24 hours before the appointment 500 CZK
Cancellation less than 48 hours before the appointment 250 CZK
Cancellation more than 48 hours before the appointment 0 CZK

1. Antibody immunity tests in relation to fertility disorders

Determination of anticardiolipin antibodies IgG and IgM 1 870 CZK
Determination of antibodies to cofactor beta2-GLP1 IgG and IgM 880 CZK
Determination of antibodies to zona pellucida oocyte 385 CZK
Determination of antibodies to annexin V 550 CZK
Determination of antibodies to tissue transglutaminase IgA 550 CZK
Total 4 235 CZK

2. Basic examination of cellular immunity in a woman

Determination of MIF migration of leukocytes under agarosis 2 200 CZK
Isolation of leukocytes by sedimentation (buffy coat) 440 CZK
Especially demanding isolation of cells (sperm, trofoblast) 660 CZK
Taking of a blood sample and basic blood processing 220 CZK
Total 3 520 CZK

2. Other immunological examinations

C3 365 CZK
C4 365 CZK
IgG, IgA, IgM 790 CZK
Rheumatoid factor 275 CZK
Total 2 015 CZK

3. Basic immunological examination of sperm

Determination of antisperm antibody classes (2x) 1 760 CZK
Native spermiogram 495 CZK
Cytological coating of sperm sediment 330 CZK
Standard cytological coating of sperm smear 220 CZK
Total 2 805 CZK

3. Examination of the thyroid gland

FT3 385 CZK
FT4 385 CZK
anti-TPO 880 CZK
Total 1 980 CZK

Price list valid from 15 January 2022.



Orange-colored procedures are performed during the initial and control examination of the woman.

Green-colored procedures are performed during the initial and control examination of the man.

Other procedures are performed only if they have not yet been performed (during our initial examination or during examinations on other clinics) or have shown a positive value and should be checked again (e.g. to evaluate the effect of treatment).

It is also possible to perform other supplementary examinations, which we can provide in our laboratory or in cooperation with the General University Hospital or other specialized laboratories.