Normally, we examine both partners at once (only during subsequent examinations of a woman in pregnancy is the examination of a man not necessary), but it is also possible to request a separate examination of a man (spermiogram and the presence of antibodies in sperm) or a separate examination of a woman (however, in this case, it is not possible to assess the immune response to the respective partner within the couple).

Preparation for examination

Conditions for successful examination

If you already have an appointment, but are not sure whether the conditions for a successful examination will be met, do not hesitate to contact us, in person or by phone (at least one day before the examination) — we will assess your situation individually and, if necessary, we will reschedule your appointment.

Procedure of examination

Only a few couples are being examined each day, the order of arrival determines the subsequent order in both interviews and sample collections. (This order can only be changed by staff — e.g. if there is a pregnant woman among the patients.)

  1. At the beginning, each couple will attend a short interview with a doctor, at which a set of examinations to be carried out during the visit will be selected (also examinations not covered by the insurance company will be paid at this stage, please note that currently only cash in CZK is accepted).

  2. Next follows blood sample collection from a woman and sperm sample collection from a man in their respective sample collection rooms. (The man decides whether his partner will be present or not during the collection.)

  3. Finally, each couple will attend a complete interview, specifying all the factors that may positively or negatively affect the examination. Additionally, personal and family medical history is recorded during the initial examination and during subsequent re-examinations the results and course of the treatment is evaluated (the patient will also receive basic information about the examinations carried out).

Results of examination

Patients will choose in advance whether they wish to collect the results of the examination in person or whether the results shall be sent by post to their address or to their physician for a fee.


During the visit it is also possible to arrange for interim consultations of the results and treatment before the next visit.


Our team takes care of each patient's individual needs and at the same time undertakes to act with appropriate friendliness and empathy, corresponding to our field. We are involved in a number of scientific studies, so that we can continue to expand our care according to the latest knowledge, and we are open to assess new diagnostic and therapeutic methods.